Episode 5: WIFE Series – Worry

Episode 5: WIFE Series – Worry

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Oh worry. Do you know anyone that just never seems to worry about a thing? I certainly don’t. This is the first episode of the WIFE series, and we hope you’ll find refuge in the fact that you are not alone! You aren’t the only one who worries about silly things or bigger scary things. We discuss how we each struggle with worry and also what we do about it. We hope you find encouragement here today!

Favorite Things

  • Theology Gals Podcast – http://biblethumpingwingnut.com/theology-gals/
    • They also have a Facebook page that is great and so encouraging!
  • The Greatest Showman – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXCTMGYUg9A
    • If you haven’t seen this yet, go catch it while it’s still in theaters! Around here it’s in the dollar theater (super cheap!). We both haven’t been able to stop singing the music!


Introduction music: Joyful & Playful by Nazar Rybak

Audio setup: Brad Magyar

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